Traditional Chinese Music Class: string instrument Gu Zheng

For the first time in Israel, we open[...]

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Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a combination of traditional painting, glyptic[...]

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Traditional Chinese Music Class: string instrument Pi Pa

For the first time in Israel, China Cultural[...]

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Painting Workshop for Kids

Ink and water painting are one of the[...]

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Tai Ji: Beginners

Tai ji Chuan is a martial art and[...]

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Children and Parents Chinese Summer School

At the Chinese summer camp, children (and parents)[...]

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Gu Zheng Master class

Gu Zheng is one of the most ancient[...]

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Pipa Master class

Pipa is a Chinese 4-strings musical instruments. during[...]

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The game Weiqi 围棋 is a board game[...]

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Chinese Level 2

In the course we will cover the following[...]

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Chinese Level 1

During The foundations course we will learn basic[...]

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Xingyi Quan: shape-intention boxing

Xingyi Quan, or shape-intention boxing, is one a[...]

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Erhu Introductory Session

Erhu is an ancient Chinese musical instrument with more[...]

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On-line course: Classical Chinese Poetry

This On line courses introduce Tang dynasty master[...]

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On-line course: Beginner Chinese

Introductory Chinese course for the complete beginner! available only[...]

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On-line course: 12 Tai ji and Qi gong movements

The 12 movements presented here are originated in[...]

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Who We Are

China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv is the official cultural institute of the Chinese Embassy in Israel,  with the aim of spreading the rich Chinese culture among the Israeli public, to encouraging intercultural dialogue and promoting cooperation between the two countries And two nations.   China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv offers diverse art & cultural events, training courses, seminars and activities for all ages; initiates and participates in various art & cultural projects; and provides an information and guidance center for culture, society, tourism, communications and modern life in China.