China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv is the official cultural institute of the Chinese Embassy in Israel. The Center aims to spread the rich Chinese culture among the Israeli public, to encourage intercultural dialogue and to promote cooperation between the two countries.

China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv offers diverse art & cultural events, training courses, seminars and high-level activities for all ages, such as concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, dance workshops, literature and poetry evenings, lectures, business and children’s Chinese courses, travelers training, calligraphy lessons, martial arts, painting, traditional music and more.

China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv initiates and participates in various art & cultural projects, such as festivals, outdoor events, academic seminars, sports activities, tourism, culinary, community and more. The Center welcomes cooperation with cultural institutions, authorities, public and private organizations.

China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv provides an information and guidance center for culture, society, tourism, communications and modern life in China. The center comprises a library, which presents a vast collection of literature, reference books, history, philosophy, science and technology, art and poetry, as well as a traveler corner, films archive, journals, newspapers, articles and digital information on topics related to traditional and contemporary China.

China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv is located in 30 Habarzel Street in Ramat Hachyal. The center covers 1000 sq meters of comprehensive facilities such as multifunctional hall, classrooms, dance and martial arts studio, library, reading tables, audio-visual facilities, sitting areas and more. .

China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv was founded in November 2017 as part of the network of cultural institutes established by the Chinese government. The Center is the  2nd branch in the Middle East and the 35th worldwide.