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  • Xingyi Quan: shape-intention boxing

    Xingyi Quan, or shape-intention boxing, is one a well-known martial art from northern China, dating to the 16th century. The most famous portions of this style include: 1. Xingyi 5 […]

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  • Chinese Foundations Course

    Sunday 18:00-21:00

    During The foundations course we will learn basic vocabulary that will enable us to learn the Chinese language from a cultural perspective. We’ll cover topics such as: – Correct pronunciation […]

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  • Chinese Foundations Course B

    Sunday and Tuesday 18:00-19:30

    in the course we will cover the following topics: – Review the basics ( directions,shopping and small talk) – Transportation – learn about the different means of transportation in China […]

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  • Weiqi

    The game Weiqi 围棋 is a board game originating in ancient China, considered as the oldest board game in the world. Go develops logic, imagination, planning and abstraction abilities. In […]

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  • Tai Ji: Advance

    Tai ji Chuan is a martial art and Chinese movement. The exercise strengthens the body, improves coordination and balance, and contributes to the internal balance. In the Tai ji Quan […]

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