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  • World Heritage Day in China – a guest lecture by architect Arie Rahamimoff

    Thursday 19:00-19:30

    In honor of the World Heritage day (also known as the  International Day For Monuments and Sites) China culture Center is pleased to host the Israeli UNESCO representative and architect – […]

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  • On-line course: Beginner Chinese

    Introductory Chinese course for the complete beginner! available only on Hebrew version- for the full course please turn to the corresponding Hebrew section.

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  • Guest lecture – Examine Covid-19 from Chinese Medicine prospective

    China Culture Center is Happy to host Mrs. Orit Menashe – The Head of the Chinese Medicine Bureau in Israel, and a Chinese Medicine and Natural Pharmacy therapist for a […]

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  • On-Line course: Tai Ji Beginners

    Tai ji Chuan is a martial art and Chinese movement. The exercise strengthens the body, improves coordination and balance, and contributes to the internal balance. In the Tai ji Quan […]

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  • On-line course: Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Monday 19:30-20:30

    The novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义 San Guo Yanyi) is the earliest novel written in Chinese, and is considered one of the peaks of Chinese prose, both traditional […]

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  • On-line course: Classical Chinese Poetry

    This On line courses introduce Tang dynasty master poets: Wang Wei, Li bai and Du fu. available only on Hebrew version- for the full course please turn to the corresponding […]

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  • On-line course: 12 Tai ji and Qi gong movements

    The 12 movements presented here are originated in the ancient Chinese medicine.  The purpose of the training is to strengthen the body immune system. Before you practice please follow this […]

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