Chinese for Beginners-初级汉语

Sunday-Wednesday 18:00-20:00 China Cultural Center, 18 Habarzel, Kiryat Atidim, Tel Aviv

A Chinese course for beginning learners without prior knowledge of the Chinese language.

What we will learn: The most basic level of the official language test of the Chinese government (HSK1) and will consist of 10 study units.

What will be my level after the course ?: A vocabulary of about 150 words that will allow: to use everyday expressions and basic sentences, to ask and answer questions concerning personal details (age, job, family, etc.).

Study booklets: The study materials (reading and work booklet and audio clips) will be provided free of charge to course registrants.

Course duration: A total of 10 sessions, twice a week, on days? And? Hours? Until?

How to learn: The course will be delivered frontally at our cultural center, but for students who prefer to study zoom – all lessons will be filmed live and will be zoomed to registrants who choose to study from home.

Teacher: The course will be taught by Ms. Wang Wei-chi, a graduate of Ran Minh University in Beijing, specializing in Chinese Language Teaching, winner of the Outstanding Teacher Competition for 2021.

Classes will be conducted in a small group, the number of participants is limited, teaching in Chinese.

Days and hours: Classes will be held in China Culture Center every Sundays and Wednesday  between 18:00and 20:00.

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