Courses- Terms and Conditions

1. 1. Registration for courses can be done in one of the following ways:
A. Through a payment system on the China Cultural Center website ( via credit card.
B. Through the center’s employee via bank transfer, cash or check.
2. Payment will be in advance for the whole course.
3. Participation in the various courses is subject to full payment in advance. It is not possible to participate in the lesson without a prepayment unless otherwise defined.
4. Discounts for continuing students:
4.1. 5% discount will be given to students who enrolls in a continuing course and/or purchase another course at the center.
4.2. 10% discount will be given to students who are continuing / registering for a third course.
4.3. No discount will be given beyond 10%.

Cancellation policy:
1. A student who cancels his registration up to two weeks before the start of the course will not be charged at all. (will get full refund)
2. A student who cancels his registration for a course two weeks or less before its opening date will be charged a registration fees of 100 NIS.
3. Students who choose to cancel their studies up to two weeks from the start of the course, will be charged NIS 100 registration fee + NIS 100 per lesson.
4. A student who chooses to quit his / her studies over two weeks from the date of the course will be charged the full cost of the course *.

*Regardless of the number of lessons attended.




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