Erhu Introductory Session

Tuesdays 19:00-19:45 Tel aviv, Habarzel street 30

Erhu is an ancient Chinese musical instrument with more than 1000 years of history, it is very popular in China today in both traditional and contemporary music.There is no fingerboard against which the player can press on a string, which allows more degrees of freedom for the sound than in Western violin.

Class 1, Tuesday, Dec 10, 19:00-19:45
A small performance and a study of Chinese music notation (no musical background is required). The student will be able to trace played music in a written score.

Class 2, Tuesday, Dec 17, 19:00-19:45
Holding an erhu. A student will be able to produce a sound on an erhu while studying a correct posture and basic movement technique.

Class 3, Tuesday, Dec 24, 19:00-19:45
Learning to play a Chinese traditional song using a written score. A student will be able to read and play a music written in Chinese notation.

Class 4, Tuesday, Dec 31, 19:00-19:45
Learning about special traditional erhu playing techniques, that make erhu sound so special and emotional. A student will be able to apply some of the techniques to the song from class 3.

The Teacher:  Julia Narevicius, play erhu for more than 7 years, have several teachers all over the world and according to her “the sound of erhu speaks directly to the soul of the musician.”.

Course cost: 300 shekel’s.

Registration deadline: 5.12.19




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