On-line course: 12 Tai ji and Qi gong movements

The 12 movements presented here are originated in the ancient Chinese medicine.  The purpose of the training is to strengthen the body immune system.

Before you practice please follow this few instruction:

A. Stand upright with emphasis on the vertex and feet. The vertex should be stretched up towards the sky, with the feet planted firmly in the ground.

B. The twelve exercises consist of four images:

Large (大): the Qi and blood flowing throughout the body.

Slowness (慢): The movements should be slow and uniform, both physically and mentally.

Stop (停) At the end of each movement, stop a little and wait for the Qi to arrive.

Distinction (观): pay attention to the feeling of your body throughout the movements.

Part A: 1-3 movement’s

Part B: 4-6 movement’s

Part C: 7-9 movement’s

Part D: 10-12 movement’s

Master Ruth Li Sofer is the founder of the Israel-China Tai Ji Center, and won the 7th Dan rank by the Chinese Wu Shu Association.




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