Pipa Master class

18:30-19:30 China Cultural Center Tel Aviv

Pipa is a Chinese 4-strings musical instruments. during the workshops the participants will learn the basic techniques of playing Pipa.

Masterclass will be conducted by Ms. Kong Lingxue, a Pipa player and teacher in the Gansu National Theater Orchestra.

* Participation in the workshop requires deposit payment of 200 NIS which will be returned to the participant who attended 3 or more lessons.

* Workshop is limited to only 5 participants based on free space.

Masterclass days:

Sunday 15.9 – 18:30-19:30

Monday 16.9 – 18:30-19:30

Wednesday 18.9 – 18:30-19:30

Thursday 19.9 – 18:30-19:30

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