Tianjin Yangliuqing New Year Woodblock Print Workshop

The Yangliuqing New Year Woodblock Print, created in the reign of the Chongzhen Emperor in the Ming Dynasty, has inherited the traditions of paintings in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and embraced the forms of woodcut prints, industrial arts, and drama stages of the Ming Dynasty.

It combines woodblock prints and hand painting, and adopts four techniques of drawing, carving, printing, and painting, which enables it not only to inherit the traditional woodblock printing technique but also make innovations in image composition, the way of engraving and painting, and color application.

It embodies the charm of cutting woodblocks and the emotions of the brushwork of paintings, thus making it different from regular paintings and other New Year paintings.With a history of over 400 years, Tianjin Yangliuqing New Year Woodblock Print is of great historical and cultural significance, known as the “Encyclopedia of Folk Arts” and the “Top of Chinese New Year Woodblock Print.”

We invites you to experience this wonderful art, We specially brought from China Yang Liu Qing art kits suitable for all ages! We invite you to contact us at courses@ccctlv.org to arrange a Pick-up of the kits. You can collect several kits if there is more than one Artist in the house 🙂

The Yang Liu Qing art kits are accompanied by a general explanatory video on the history and creative process of the Yang Liu Qing paintings, and another video for the making of the paintings themselves. The China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv wishes you a Happy New Year and a pleasant painting!

* Please note that the kits cannot be sent, kits will only be accepted by self-collection from the Cultural Center, make sure to book your arrival in advance, thank you.




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