Painting Workshop for Kids

20,21,23.8.19 Tel aviv, Habarzel street 30

Ink and water painting are one of the most ancient forms of Chinese traditional art. The Chinese Cultural Center invite the children to experience the joy of brush painting and enjoy the magic of water and ink as they come together. The Workshop instructor is the Artist Education specialist Mr. Ma Ke, who has developed the painting teaching method called: “Hand in hand-good friends paint together.”

The Workshop’s:

Chinese Mask (Lian Pu) 

During the workshop, students will become familiar with the meaning of masks in a variety of cultures around the world, they will explore the different types and characteristics of  the Chinese masks, and will create a Chinese mask for themselves according to each child’s character and personal story.

Traditional Chinese Painting

During the workshop, the children will be exposed to the different cultures within China itself, become acquainted with the main features of Traditional Chinese painting, and will learn to paint goldfish and panda bears according to the “Chinese” painting language.

Workshop dates:

20/8- 17:00-18:30- Chinese Mask (Lian Pu)

21/8- 17:00-18:30- Traditional Chinese Painting

23/8- 12:30-14:30- A combine workshop (1 hour each)

on the 27/8 (Tuesday 17:30) we will hold a closing event with the children painting exhibition

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