World Heritage Day in China – a guest lecture by architect Arie Rahamimoff

Thursday 19:00-19:30

In honor of the World Heritage day (also known as the  International Day For Monuments and Sites) China culture Center is pleased to host the Israeli UNESCO representative and architect – Mr. Arie Rahamimoff, for a guest lecture on the topic of “Conservation and restoration of heritage sites in China”.

Mr. Rahamimoff participated in four big restoration projects in China, all the sites are related to the silk words (by land or by sea). Two of the four sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the other two are located in a dominant areas in the cities of Xi’an and Nanjing – both imperial cities of the Tang and Ming dynasties.

Mr. Arie Rahamimoff is an architect and urban planner engaged in architectural and urban planning. Since 2005 he has prepared 5 plans for urban projects and heritage conservation in China. He also served as chair of the Israeli UNESCO World Heritage Committee from 2011-2014.

for the full lecture please click on the video (Hebrew only)




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