Xingyi Quan: shape-intention boxing

Wednesdays 09:00-10:00 Tel aviv, Habarzel street 30

Xingyi Quan, or shape-intention boxing, is one a well-known martial art from northern China, dating to the 16th century.
The most famous portions of this style include:
1. Xingyi 5 elements fists (wuxing quan 五行拳), which corresponds to the cosmology of the 5 elements.
2. Twelve animals shape (Shíèr Xing 十二形), which included the movements of wild and mythical animals.

The progress in class is methodical, step by step, starting with basic skills (jiben gong 基本功), progressing to neigong & health cultivation, single practice, dual practice,
forms and weapons training.



Abi Moriya is a professional coach and researcher whose involvement in the martial
arts spans four decades. In addition Abi is a teacher of Qigong and TCM. He is a
martial arts senior member at the Nat Holman School for coaches and instructors,
Wingate Institute.

Course duration: one month

Course Hours: Wednesday  09:00-10:00

Course fee: 250 NIS

For more details: or call 03-9440115

Starting date: 11.12.19

Registration deadline: 5.12.19




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