• Photo Exhibition: China Beyond Imagination

    1 -24 August

    Civilization begins with the interaction between men and nature. Human beings live and prosper where the climate is pleasant and food abundant, and their actions constantly modify nature and geography. […]

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  • Painting Workshop for Kids

    20 -25 August

    Ink and water painting are one of the most ancient forms of Chinese traditional art. The Chinese Cultural Center invite the children to experience the joy of brush painting and […]

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  • Yalla_China

    18 -28 August

    We sent 5 Israeli content creators to explore 5 different locations in China: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Langzhou, Follow thier amazing journey:  In a cooperation with Lametayel

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  • Noodle Sticks: Interactive Show for Kids

    27 August

    Monday 17:30

    We are pleased to invite you to an interactive children’s theater show based on the story of noodle sticks written by Vered Kaminsky: “When Zhao Yang and Shahar met in […]

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  • Painted Skin- Yang Dance Arts

    12 -13 September

    One of the most famous stories from the classical collection “Strange Stories From A Chinese Studios”, the story critizise the peaple who paint their skin in order to hide their […]

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