Visiting China Online
  • Wonders of Hubei

    5 -31 May

    Photo Gallery documenting Hubei Province, China. Gallery is divided into 3 parts. Part one, presents the nature and environment of Hubei Province; Yangtze River, Hubei and Wuhan City Location, Yellow […]

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  • A Sunny Day- Short Video Opera

    17 -31 May

    “A Sunny Day” 《阳光 灿烂》 is a short video opera produced by China National Opera House to pay tribute to the heroes of the COVID-19 epidemic and to artfully present […]

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  • Together- Joint Music Production

    17 -31 May

    “Together” is a joint music production completed by artists from China’s National Opera House and famous Italian opera artists. The main creators include music producer Ma Jiuyue and famous director […]

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  • A Glance of Humanity – Tribute to the Epidemic Heroes

    13 -31 May

    “A Glance of Humanity – Tribute to the Epidemic Heroes” is a Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings Exhibition. In 2020, the new coronavirus epidemic has erupted and spread throughout the world, […]

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