• Silk Road Project Presents: The Magical Thread Exhibition

    1 -24 January

    CCCTLV Silk Road Project presents: Lea Avital / Gabriella Klein / Gustavo Sagorsky/ Curator: Iris Mendel The exhibition This Magical Thread is the product of a two-week journey to the province […]

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  • Wudang Kung Fu Show

    16 -18 January

    Wudang Kung Fu group performs a Wudang Wushu style (Chinese Martial Arts style from the ancient Wudang culture). The group is made of several Wushu champions , and runners-up. Schedule: […]

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  • China National Opera & Dance Show

    20 -21 January

    The intellectuals plays a crucial role in the traditional Chinese culture, they follow the old values, believe in justice, and purchase righteousness. In this show, The National China Opera and Dance […]

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  • Cinema East: Fearless (2006)

    23 January


    霍元甲A biography of Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia, who is the founder and spiritual guru of the Jin Wu Sports Federation. Fearless opens in Shanghai, China, circa 1910, when […]

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  • Yang Liping Dance Performance

    5 -8 February

    The famous Chinese Choreographer Yang Liping is back in Israel for a new dance show. This time, she brings the masterpiece “The Rite of Spring”. In this show, performed for the […]

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