Visiting China Online
  • Forbidden City Gallery: Li Shaobai

    29 -26 August

    Seat of supreme power for over five centuries (1416-1911), the Forbidden City located in the center of Beijing, with its landscaped gardens and many buildings (whose nearly 10,000 rooms contain […]

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  • Shared Destiny: Song & Clip

    31 -31 August

    CCCTLV Presents: “Shared Destiny”, Song & Clip. “Crossing thousands and thousands of miles, the flame of hope still burns; you and me, one shared destiny…” In these turbulent days of […]

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  • Seasons of China: Autumn

    7 -31 August

    The Chinese calendar is divided into 24 Solar Terms. The summer season in the Chinese calendar is divided into 6 hot days from June 21 to September 23. How do […]

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