Outdoor Performance: Above the Sky – Tongliang Dragon Dance


For the first time in Israel, a dynamic, colorful and unique folkloric dance performance, by China’s foremost troupe Tongliang:


“With one dragon ball, 18-meter length and 11 dancers, “Dragon Competition Tongliang” is a kind of sport competition item with dragon as its prop. In addition to the basic characteristics of general dragon dance, “Dragon Competition Tongliang” also has the characteristics of “high”, “fast” and “strong” of competitive sports, that is, the range of movements is larger, the speed is faster and the difficulty is higher, so it is more enjoyable. As its props are relatively small, it is suitable for stage performance..”

Tongliang Dragon Dance Troupe will participate at festivals in Jerusalem and Akko.

For more details about the performance in Acco Festival (16-17.10) click HERE

For more details about the performance in Toamim Olam Festival in Jerusalem (15.10) click HERE







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