Chinese Folk Music and Dance

18/12/2018 Tuesday 19:30 China Cultural Center Tel Aviv

“Oriental Rhymes” Chinese Folk Music and Dance – The Art Troupe of Hebei Vocational Art College

A colorful and varied performance of Chinese folk music and dance. For the first time in Israel, The Art Troupe of Hebei Vocational Art College, which includes 15 prominent dancers, musicians and artists, will present a wide-ranging selection of both traditional and modern pieces, which combines Chinese classic, minority and Hebei local dance techniques, and live folk music, played on traditional Instruments, such as Erhu, Pipa, Zheng, Banhu, Suona and more.

From the repertoire: Celebrating《欢庆》, Miracle《奇迹》, Dance of the YAO Tribe《瑶族舞曲》, Taoyao (Peach Blossom)《桃夭》, Horse Racing《赛马》, Snow Mountain《雪山》, Hand Drum《手鼓情》, Night Thoughts《夜深沉》, Molihua ( Jasmine)《茉莉花》, Clown Girl 《丑逗妞》, Descendants of the Dragon《龙的传人》, Pleasures《欢沁》, The Orient《东方》.

19:00 Doors open | 19:30 Show starts

Free entry | Registration required

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