A Glance of Humanity – Tribute to the Epidemic Heroes


“A Glance of Humanity – Tribute to the Epidemic Heroes” is a Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings Exhibition.

In 2020, the new coronavirus epidemic has erupted and spread throughout the world, who united to fight against the outbreak. At the forefront of the struggle, notwithstanding the risks and uncertainties, brave medical personnel, security forces, delivery men and women, among
others, have stepped forward, fearlessly – they are the heroes of the epidemic.

In this period, calligraphy artists and painters from Nanjing Academy of Calligraphy and Painting and Jinling Art Museum, were seeking ways to express their feelings and gratitude to those common people who suddenly found themselves confronting the epidemic, and created a diverse and exiting collection of works of art. The selected works in the exhibition display both rough scenes from the heart of the coronavirus front, as well as images of the everyday life in the shadow of the epidemic. With brushes and ink, through various techniques, the participating artists tell the story of the struggle, and reflect its shared human feelings and spirit of affinity, passion and power.
With the coming of spring, the fight against the virus continues, and we must not forget those people who are still on the forefront. “Heroes don’t fall from the sky,” the idiom says, “they’re just ordinary people who step forward.” On behalf of the participant artists and China Cultural center in Tel Aviv, this calligraphy and painting exhibition wishes to convey a glance of humanity and hope in these turbulent days.

*This exhibitions’ art works were provided by Nanjing Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, all rights reserved. Whoever wishes to use the art works please contact the academy or China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv.




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