A Sunny Day- Short Video Opera


“A Sunny Day” 《阳光 灿烂》 is a short video opera produced by China National Opera House to pay tribute to the heroes of the COVID-19 epidemic and to artfully present the touching stories of this special period.
Subtitles: Chinese | English.
Duration: 21:30 min.


Scene 1 is set at the time of outbreak. After experiencing shock, sorrow and heart shattering sadness, people in the epidemic affected area, with the support of the whole country, bravely fought back. The title of the chorus song is Fight, Fight . After the chorus, the images represent doctors and nurses coming to help.

Scene 2 is the main part of the video. In the ward, the patient is awake. The near death experience gave her a deep insight into the value of life. She is grateful to doctors and nurses and sings The Sunshine. The doctor comes in and has a few words with the patient. But at this very moment, the virus is in the ward too. He is proud of his evil agenda and sings I’m Coming. The doctor sings The Spring Will Come to encourage the patient. Deeply touched by the love from the motherland and the people, the doctor and patient sing Everything Will Be Better. Unwilling to be wiped out, the virus sings Come Back Again and declares “I will find a chance to come back again.”

In scene 3, the epidemic is effectively under control and the volunteer doctor and nurse are coming home. The chorus sing A Sunny Day, expressing great gratitude to the CPC, the country, the heroes and the people.

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