Ambassador Go 围棋 Cup 2018

17/10/2019 China Cultural Center

CCC is happy to host the Israeli Go Association and Master players from China for the Ambassador Go Cup 2018.

Go – 围棋 (weiqi) is an ancient Chinese board game for two players, who place counters on a grid. The object of the game is to surround and so capture the opponent’s counters. This year’s tournament will last three days at the multi-functional hall at the center.

The public is welcomed to participate at the workshsop and lectures held by the guests.

So what’s the plan?

THU 6 Dec 2018:


10:00-12:15 Gathering & Lecture

14:00-17:00 simultaneous games

18:00-21:00 Round I

FRI 7 Dec 2018:

10:00-13:00 Round II

14:30-17:30 Round III

17:30-20:30 Round IV

SAT 8 Dec 2018:

10:00-13:00 Round V

14:30-15:00 Association summit

15:00-18:00 Round VI

18:00-18:30 Winners announcement & closing ceremony

Good luck to all!





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