CIFW2021: Beginning of the Great Revival (2011)


“Beginning of the Great Revival”, was filmed in honor of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The film features more than a hundred famous actors in China, and was directed by five directors for the various parts of the film. The film begins in 1911 with the opening of the Xin-Hai Revolution which ended with the fall of China last imperial dynasty- the Qing Dynasty. The film follows all the major events over the next ten years, and ends in 1921 where the first National General Congress in China was held, with the participation of the National Party (Guo Min dang) and the Chinese Communist Party. Watch the Trailer:

To watch the film scan the QR code or click here (For English subtitles go to the movie link on YouTube – select SETTING, select English language – and then click on the CC button next to it)




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