Better Tourism in Hainan Province


Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World project shows cases of poverty alleviation in China through tourism. The project, includes photo exhibition and documentary series, describe provinces, autonomous regions, cities and villages across China that were once in severe poverty and thanks to the tourism industry got out of poverty and had a better life”.

Zhongliao Village, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China

Located in the north of Sanya City, Hainan Province and inhabited by Li ethnic people, Zhongliao Village is rich in natural and cultural tourism resources. However, the villagers used to earn their living mainly by farming and seeking jobs outside.

On April 7, 2017, Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) Group Hainan Company reached a cooperation agreement with Zhonglino Village. The company invested more than 50 million RMB successively and took a culture, tourism, and urbanization approach in developing all-for-one tourism for poverty relief, Making full use of agricultural production, folk culture, reclaimable land and other resources, it realized the goals of agriculture- tourism integration and targeted poverty reduction through talent, industry and tourism developments.

By leasing villagers houses and land, building homestays and restaurants, and providing jobs, it worked in cooperation with the villagers and transformed Zhongliao Village from a farming village into a tourist destination that combines recreation, tourism and special experience, creating a mutually beneficial win-win result for the government, enterprises and villagers, and expanding the channels for the villagers to become prosperous. watch the story of Hua Linjun, an actress who thanks to the better tourism project, can finally work at her village doing what she enjoys the most





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