Photo Exhibition: China Beyond Imagination


Civilization begins with the interaction between men and nature. Human beings live and prosper where the climate is pleasant and food abundant, and their actions constantly modify nature and geography. For thousands of years, men have changed the world, reshaping both natural and cultural landscapes in the process. The story of human civilization is also a story of how men and nature coexist.


“China Beyond Imagination: Men, Nature and Harmony” photo exhibition invites טםו to ponder the interaction between China’s built and natural environment through photos that show Chinese architecture from different parts of the country, many of which are valuable cultural heritage of the mankind. The respect for nature and environment-friendly approach are increasingly advocated in the new era of China’s modern development. Looking at the photos, one can see the commitment of China and Chinese people to building a beautiful China, where “lush mountains and lucid waters are more precious than gold and silver”.





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