CIFW2021: Falling Flowers (2013)

11/07/2021 online

萧红 Falling Flowers (2013, 120min)

Director: Huo Jian Qi

Pregnant, abandoned and destitute, the gifted writer Xiao Hong embarks on a daring literary career in the face of patriarchy, privation and war. The story of the film is set in 1941 in Hong Kong, to which Xiao Hong escaped from the war-torn mainland, only to see how the British colony was now also besieged by the Japanese. Her husband, Duanmu Hongliang (Wang Renjun), has disappeared, and the only one by her side as she succumbs to fatal illness is adoring young writer Luo Binji (Zhang Bo). Xiao Hong opens up to him about her vagrant life as a writer and her extraordinary past romances. Xiao Hong longs for love despite all the mishaps and tribulations at the time of warfare and tumult. watch the trailer:

To watch the film scan the QR code or click here (For English subtitles go to the movie link on YouTube – select SETTING, select English language – and then click on the CC button next to it)




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