CIFW2021: On the Mountain of Tai Hang (2005)

04/07/2021 מקוון

太行山上 On the Mountain of Tai Hang (2005, 118min)

Director: Jian Chen, Dong Shen, Lian Wei

On the Mountain of Tai Hang tells the story of the Sino-Japanese war and China’s commander Zhu De, leading the main force of the Eighth Route Army to the battlefront against the Japanese invaders. Presented are several important campaigns, from September 1937 to May 1940, including the Pingxingguan victory, the surprise attack on Yangmingbao, Xinkou campaign and Huangtuling campaign, where Abuguixiu, lieutenant general of the Japanese army, was shot down. The film also reflects the close relationship between the Eighth Route Army and the Chinese people. Watch the trailer:

To watch the film scan the QR code or click here (For English subtitles go to the movie link on YouTube – select SETTING, select English language – and then click on the CC button next to it)




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