Cinema East: Xuan Zang (2016)

24/07/2019 18:30 China Cultural Center Tel Aviv

大唐玄奘During the Tang Dynasty’s during the era of “Zhen Guan” (era name during rule of Emperor Taizong), the young Xuan Zang monk, in his quest for the knowledge in Buddhism, embarked on a journey to India, that is fraught with perils and dangers, natural disasters, and sees the sufferings of the common people. Soldiers gets in his way, his disciples betrays him, he struggles through deserts, runs short of food and water, all in the quest for Buddha’s teachings. He finally arrives in India, and studies Buddhism in earnest. By the time he returns to China, he is already 50 years old.

Genre: history, adventure

Director: Huo jianqi

Language: Chinese

Subtitles: English

Duration: 90 min


Opening lecture By Dr. Adiel Portugali (Tel-Aviv University & CCC)

Journey to the West – Monks, travelers and Other Adventurers in Chinese History & Imagination. China

18:30 Photo Exhibition Opening  “China: Beyond Imagination”

19:00 Lecture  (In Hebrew)

19:40 Screening


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