Cinema East: Nightingale (2013) 夜莺

02/01/2019 Wednesday 19:30 China Cultural Center Tel Aviv

The story of an elderly man (Li Baotian) and his granddaughter (Yang Xinyi) who walk together through the rural landscapes of China with a bird cage. In order to keep the promise made to his wife, old Zhigen decides to return to his native village to release his bird, a unique companion of his old years. He planned to make this journey alone, but was given Renxing, his granddaughter, a spoiled young city, forced to leave with him.

Opening lecture by Dr. Adiel Portugali (Tel-Aviv University & China Culture Center): 4-2-1  China’s One-child Policy & The “Little Emperors”


Genre: Drama

Director:  Philippe Muyl

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Subtitles: Hebrew

Duration: 96min

Cinema East presents a collection of Chinese films, from the classics of 1930s Shanghai to China’s best sellers today. The screenings will be accompanied by theme lectures, exhibitions, cinema talks and further activities, which will expose and explore China’s varied cinematic and cultural landscape. All films & lectures of Cinema East Series 2018 are FREE and open to the public.


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