Exhibition: Chinese Characters (Hanzi) & Tourism

13/09/2021 מקוון

CCCTLV is happy to present: Exhibition on Chinese Characters (Hanzi) & Tourism

This exhibition sheds light on the origin and structure of Chinese characters, as well as, the art of calligraphy and woodblock printing, that are listed as World Intangible Heritage.

Furthermore it also explores the influence of Chinese characters. The analysis of classical Chinese poems in the exhibition shows audiences the journey of China’s cultural heritage through Chinese poets’ beautiful lines of verse.

The cultural works of calligraphy show the integration of Hanzi and cultural creativity, demonstrating the connection between Hanzi through the ages and generational bonds.

Sponsor: Chinese Culture Friendship Association. Organizers: China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, Beijing CIEA Danqing Exhibition LTD. Co-organizers: Shaoxing Culture & Tourism Group, Lanting Caligraphy Museum. Executive: Mason Creative and Strategy




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