The Evening Party

15/02/2019 Friday 21:00, Saturday 12:00 Suzanne Dellal Centre

Dunhuang Rhyme and Silk Road feelings: The Evening Party is a colorful music and dance party in the theme of traditional Chinese culture, in the style of the Gansu Province which lies between Tibet and Mongolia, where the impressive overhang of the great wall of China lives. The show contains various forms of vocal and instrumental music, dance and elaborate costumes. The troupe presents traditional dances of the Chinese Han and Tang, Dunhuang and other ethnic minorities in China, showing the brilliance of Chinese traditional culture and the distant cultural characteristics of Gansu. The troupe showcases the dances of distant lands and paper fans, enchanting ladies, and drunken explorers, sharing the ancient religious rituals and customs. The thousand-hands and thousand-eyes Bodhisattva will delight as songs of celebration and tradition give a taste of the bygone times.

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