Israeli blogger Raz Galor visits cotton farm in Xinjiang


What did foreigners who visited a cotton farm in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region think about the locals’ living conditions? Blogger Raz Gal-or said that he was very impressed by the Xinjiang cotton industry’s advanced technology, noting that the locals enjoy a high salary.

Raz is an Israeli entrepreneur and businessman working in the Chinese media field. He owns the company FRI (Foreigner Research Institute China or in Chinese 歪 果仁 研究 协会) – a social media group that documents the life in China to audiences around the world, and also enjoys great popularity among the Chinese people themselves. This venture has accumulated over 70 million subscribers and a total of 5 billion views on the various social media platforms.

Xin-Jiang is an Autonomous Region of China, located in the northwest of the country.
Xinjiang has an historically importance being a cross-cultural meeting point on the Silk Road, while today it is considered a central point in the Euro-Asian railway project connecting China and Europe.
The region is characterized by a unique landscape. on the South side there is the arid Desert and on the North side there are mountains and lakes.
Xinjiang is best known for its agricultural industry such as: cotton, grapes, melons, corn sunflower and more.

For the video please click here

*Video link from: CGTN




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