Kite Capital art festival

20/06/2019 19:00 Tel Aviv China culture center

One of the most prominent symbols of Chinese culture is the kite. more then 2000 years ago Chinese people used kite’s  for various uses such as measuring distance, messaging and more.

The city of Wei Feng in Shandong Province is considered the place where the kite was first invented and is now referred to as the kite capital.

The Art Festival will present various art exhibits belonging to the “kite capital” such as fashion products influenced by kites and other local arts.

In addition, the owners of the Chan Ting Tien Factory for kite production Mr. Wang Yong Sun will give a fascinating lecture titled: Kites from China to the present.

The event participants will also be able to experiment with the preparation of a traditional Wei Feng kite!

Event Schedule:

19:00 – Opening remarks +exhibition guided tour

19: 30 Lecture: Kites from China to the present

20: 00 – kite workshop in the creation of the Wei Feng Kites




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