Martial Arts Workshop for Kids

16/04/2019 Tuesday 17:30-18:30 China Cultural Center Tel Aviv

CCC Tel Aviv is happy to the martial art Master of the Kong Tong Sect, Mr. Chen Hu, the 12th generation of the Kong Tong Sect, president of the Kong Tong Martial Arts Association in Gan Su district.

Kong Tong Sect focuses on using the fighting technique to nurturing the body and mind. This school emphasises the usefulness of the technique of warfare but also demands the movements to be in the highest aesthetic standards. This school has drawn elements over the years from Chinese philosophies such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, and it perceives delicacy and beauty as a fundamental principle that the warrior must internalise in his fight.

During the workshop, the participants will be exposed to the philosophy of the Kong Tong Sect, and will learn the basic techniques of the Martial Art Sect. No prior knowledge is needed by the participants.

Workshop Schedule: Tuesday 16.4.19 | 17:30-18:30 | Free entry registration required


Photos by: Karl Feifman

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