Me and China- 3rd place


The “Me and China” (@China) Global Short Video Competition is hosted by the People’s Daily of China.

The competition through the short video form, for the world, the collection to tell the true wonderful story of “Me and China”, showing a vibrant and infectious China.

3rd place: “I taught Chinese Opera in the UK”, video of Li Huisin.

Fortunately, I met a Chinese traditional drama inheritor in the UK. Her name is Li Huixin.

She promotes Peking Opera and Kunju Opera in the UK. She teaches overseas Chinese, and also British and European students.

What is more interesting is that Li Huixin’s most proud pupil is a British man who does not understand Chinese at all. It makes me feel that real art has no boundaries.

So I decided to explore the story of Li Huixin and how Chinese traditional culture goes global




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