Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moment to Remember


Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moment to Remember – Symphony Concert with Immersive Experiences of Poem, Music, Painting and Art is an innovative art symphony concert composed of paintings, poetry, music, photography, large LED video screens and internet technology.
This concert will feature four chapters: “Flower (Hua), Happiness (Hao), Moon(Yue), Fullness (Yuan)”. The artists’ art and music works will be presented to give full expression to the beauty of art in the context of Chinese and Israeli cultures.
This concert is a brand new way to present the splendid civilization and beautiful mountains and rivers of China and Israel. A new art form, new media is used to spread it to the rest of the world. Together we can enjoy this artistic feast at the same time.

Watch the full show:

*The show has Hebrew subtitles

*special thanks to the Translator and Sinologist Yoav Rapoport who participate in the event




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