Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moonmoment to Remember Online Culture Week


Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, with ancient legends and moving stories, bearing the harmony of human reunion and the vision of a better life.

From 28/09/2020 to 05/10/2020, the online culture week of “the Mid-Autumn festival”, a large-scale brand activity sponsored by the international exchange and cooperation bureau of the ministry of culture and tourism and undertaken by the Sino-foreign cultural exchange center, Chinese cultural center and overseas tourism offices, will be held with people from all over the world.

The event will be around the Mid-Autumn festival, the Mid-Autumn festival culture inheritance, and contemporary China, travel in the Mid-Autumn festival, the Mid-Autumn festival entertainment to admire the Mid-Autumn festival five topics, including short virtual exhibitions, online music, video, live online, small class teaching, experience a variety of types such as interaction and public participation, to show the people of the world harmonious coexistence, looking forward to the ideal human health and happiness.

Let’s stand on the same planet, look at the same round moon and tell the story in our heart through this online culture week of Mid-Autumn Festival. We sincerely invite you to spend a colorful Mid-Autumn Festival together!

Culture Week activities:

Tuesday 29.9.2020
  1. 1.中秋线上文化周主题宣传片 Promotion Video: Online Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Week
  2. 2.“云合唱”歌曲《但愿人长久》Cloud Chorus Wishing you stay well
  3. 3.“天涯共此时”中秋文化周主题虚拟展 Virtual Exhibition: All About Mid-Autumn Festival
Wednesday 30.9.2020
  1. 1.“月满中秋”微课堂 Fun Facts: 3 Ways to Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival
  2. 2.“中国味道—中秋主题美食工作坊” A Taste of China at Mid-Autumn: Chinese Gourmet Workshop
  3. 3.“云赏中秋 畅游中国”线上体验之旅 Online Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival -A VR Experience Journey to China
Thursday 1.10.2020
  1. 1.“天涯共此时——高山流水·万里明月”直播音乐会 Live Streaming Traditional Chinese Music Concert: Mountain, River and Moonlight
  2. 2.同一轮明月——天涯共此时中秋连线虚拟演播 One World One Moon —A Digital Concert
  3. 3.中国曲艺云欣赏之中秋特别节目——苏州弹词《白蛇·赏中秋》




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