Photo Exhibition: The Park City at the Foot of the Xiling Snow Mountain


A photo exhibition displaying the wonders of the city of Chengdu which is located at the foot of the Xiling Snow Mountain. The exhibition highlights the modern and traditional character of Chengdu and the cultural heritage that lies within the city and its areas.

Chengdu- “The Land of Abundance” :
Chengdu is located in the southwestern region of China, the western Sichuan Basin, and the hinterland of the Chengdu Plain. It is the capital of Sichuan Province and one of the top ten ancient capitals in China. Chengdu is characterized by its flat territory as well as the vertical and horizontal river networks. It enjoys not only abundant products and developed agriculture, but a humid subtropical monsoon climate. Thus, Chengdu is known as the “the land of abundance” since ancient times. Chengdu is recognized as the Capital of Gastronomy by UNESCO, a well-known historical and cultural city and the best tourist city in China.

“Snow accumulated through thousands of years on the Xiling Mountain could be viewed within a glance from the window …”:

 This is the scene depicted by Du Fu, a famous poet from Tang Dynasty, 1,200 years ago when he stood in front of the window and looked at the Snow Mountain. Chengdu, with a population of tens of millions, is the only city where its people can view a snow mountain 5,000 meters above sea level from distance. “Looking at the Xiling Snow Mountain from your balcony” is a fashionable lifestyle in Chengdu.




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