Shared Destiny: Song & Clip


CCCTLV Presents: “Shared Destiny”, Song & Clip. “Crossing thousands and thousands of miles, the flame of hope still burns; you and me, one shared destiny…”

In these turbulent days of the global fight against the coronavirus epidemic, artists from China and France have gathered to create a theme song called “Shared Destiny”, to express our shared and universal destiny, challenge, and hope. “We share one destiny”, they’re singing loud, “side by side, we shell make it through the dark… Across the sea, in fair or foul weather”. The special music video of the song portrays a visual story made by sand paintings.

Listen, See, Share & Enjoy!

Lyrics: Laurent Bàn and Chen Daobin

Music: Zhao Lin (arrangements by Zhao Bo)

Singers: Tan Weiwei, Zhang Yingxi, Ayanga, Ma Jia, Laurent Bàn, Juliette Behar and Stela Zhao.




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