Sounds From The East

22/09/2019 Sunday, 19:00 China Cultural Center Tel Aviv

“Sounds from the East” is a music concert performed by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. The ensemble will perform classic Chinese pieces including “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” and “A Rose for You”.

About the performing artists:

Zhu YanyunErhu player who won awards from an early stage of her career, including the “Dragon Sound Cup” award for the best Erhu solo, and a Performance Award in the First National Teenage Instrumental Music Solo Contest. In 2005, a television station shot a feature film named Heartstrings (心弦) about her.

Li ShengnanPipa performer, known by her enthusiasm and passion in combining classic pieces with modern elements.

Lu Shasha– Excellent Guzheng performer who won four times in a raw the “Golden Bell” Award for the best Guzheng solo.

Zhao YunmengBamboo fluetist in the Shanghai Orchestra who also performed with the China National Symphony Orchestra. Zhao Yunmeng recorded the award-winning album The Love for Hakka, and she is among the favorite guests of China Central TV’s festival music shows.

18:30- Doors open | 19:00- Concert starts | Free entry, registration required




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