Tai Ji Quan- Fitness Micro-class

09/02/2021 Watch Online

Last December (2020) Tai Ji entered the UNESCO list of intangible cultures. We at the China Cultural Center invite you to watch and practice this series of Tai Ji videos we have prepared for you- and by doing so welcome the Chinese New Year in an active and healthy lifestyle way. The series includes theoretical and philosophical knowledge of Tai Ji, and a series of basic and simple Tai Ji movements called – Yi Fei Fang (益肺 方) – suitable for joint practice of the whole family. This series is a great introduction that will allow you a smooth entry into the world of Tai Ji.

First video – Philosophical knowledge about Tai Ji:

A series of Tai Ji exercises for the whole family:

Chapter 1 practice video:

Chapter 2 Practice Video:

Chapter 3 practice video:

Chapter Four Practice video:

Chapter Five Practice Video:




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