Yangzhou Wooden Rod Puppet Show

24/02/2021 online

The wooden rod puppet show is listed among the second batch of traditional drama projects in the national list of representative projects of intangible cultural heritages. Yangzhou Wooden Rod Puppet Show has a history of more than a thousand years. During the performance, the actors manipulate a life rod connected to the head of the puppet and two hand rods connected to their hands so that the figurines are manipulated by the wooden rods. The head of the puppet is ingeniously designed to move the mouth and eyes, and the lever is connected to the hands and elbows, making the movements flexible. With music and exaggerated and humorous performances, it has the stage effect of “not a real person, but better than a real person”. The classic puppet show of Yangzhou Puppet Research Institute, one of China’s largest puppet performing arts groups, incorporates calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, opera dance, and folk stunts.The art troupe has been hailed by audience around the world during its performances in more than 40 countries and regions.

Watch the full show:




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