2019 May- June Newsletter


Summarising these two eventful months is not an easy task, but we will try!

At the beginning of May we hosted the Chinese Paper-cutting artist Mr. Wen Liu for a series of

workshops both for kids and adults. Workshops took place at Nofei Yam School, Confucius Institute

at TAU and in the centre in cooperation with Kadima Youth Center. We gained some Chinese

paper-cutting skills, learnt some new techniques, and every participant received a self-portrait.





















After last years’ successful folk arts performance, we invited here a new group of artists,

and this time we wanted to spice it up a little bit! In our Spicy Hot folk Arts show we brought six

popular performers from north west of China to sing, dance and play while holding 3 lit candles with

their mouth (here are some photos for those who missed it).





















And without noticing, it was already time to celebrate our Cinema East 10th Film Screening!

And of course, there is no cinematic celebration without popcorn and a movie.

June is really getting us into a festive mood! This year we celebrated Dragon Boat Festival in a

series of Food& Culture events. The first part of the festival took place in Haifa City Center in

cooperation with Beit Hagefen and local restaurants. Together with our talented chefs and artists

we invited you to taste delicious food, watch local art performances and a beautiful photo exhibition.





















The second part of the festival took place in our centre. This time we prepared Chinese sweets and

noodles soup and for dessert we had a wonderful performance by the singer Eden Holan, and the

dancers Alissa and Alex which represented Israel in the “2019 Asian Civilizations Conference” in






















After we had a taste of the Gansu Cuisine, we asked our chefs to show us how it’s done! So we took

them to Dan Gourmet for a special cooking workshop. In the workshop the Israeli young chefs learnt

how to stretch noodles and how to caramelise potatoes. Yummy!
















Between the festival and the workshop we finally opened- for the first time in Israel (applause!)- our

Traditional Chinese Music classes: Gu Zheng and Pipa. That’s how it looks, and that’s how it sounds!
















And just when you thought the celebrations were over, our Wei Feng Kites landed in the centre for a

Chinese Kites Festival. During the week, we conducted a few kite workshops for kids in cooperation

with Nofei Yam school. In the closing event we invited you to enjoy a Chinese Kite’s inspired fashion

show, an exhibition and a short workshop. Here’s a taste:













During the month we also participated in 2019 Ambassador’s Cup Tournaments in Wushu and

Ping Pong. For those of you who don’t know, Ambassadors’ Cup is a series of tournaments that

take place every year in four sports types: Weiqi (Go), Wushu (Matial Arts), Ping Pong and Badminton.

Tournaments were hosted by Wushu Federation and Table Tennis Association in Israel. The

ambassador of People’s republic of China in Israel H. E. Mr. Zhang Yongxin, also participated and

rewarded the winners with trophies.
















The next 2019 Ambassadors’ Cup tournament will be hosted by Badminton Academy in Azor on

July 6th. Visit this page for more information.

And we can’t call it a day (or a month) without a movie night! So we’ve decided to screen the

classic Chinese film “Hero” by Zhang Yimou.

Stay tuned for our summer events 😊