2019 September October News


September started with nostalgic vibes, the “Autumn Night” concert by Gansu Theater

opened our autumn events season with local songs inspired by Dunhuang and The Silk

Road. We couldn’t let them go without teaching us a little bit about the musical instruments

they played, so Ms. Kong Lingxue and Ms. Ma Rong joined us for a one week Music

workshops: Pipa and Guzheng and shares with us some of their secrets.

Meanwhile, we closed the 2019 China related events in Suzanne Dellal with the satiric

performance “Painted Skin” by the Yang Dance Theatre.

2019 was a year of new beginnings, this year we invited for the first time a Chinese

Jazz vocalist to Israel to perform in the International Jaffa Jazz Festival 2019. In this

unique Jazz project, Coco Zhao which is known by his special and innovative singing

style, together with other jazz musicians from around the world performed the greatest

romantic songs of the Western and Chinese Cinema and took us “Somewhere Over

The Rainbow”……

Speaking about East meets the West, at the same time we also hosted in our center

the “Sounds from the East” concert by The Shanghai Quarter- 4 talented women

who performed Guzheng, Erhu, and Flute solos combining classic western and

Chinese music pieces.

We like to follow traditions here, and as every year during Sukkot we are happy to

bring the Chinese Culture to the biggest festivals in Israel. This year on Haifa

international Film Festival we screened 2019s top Chinese films: “The Fading

Village” by Liu Feifang, and “No. 7 Cherry Lane” by Yunfen. Who of you who had

the chance to visit the Akko Festival or “Toamim Olam” Food Festival in Jerusalem

during the holidays, must have notices our Dragon Dance outdoor performance

“Above The Sky” wandering between the old city walls.

Culture is not only about music and art, but also about sports. We closed our “2019

Ambassadors cup competitions” -with the Annual Go Competition. This is the fifth

year Amir Fragman preserves his title as The Israeli Go Champion. Good Job, Amir!

Speaking of championships, The next Winter Olympic Games will take place in

Beijing in 2022. In a special Beijing themed activity, we invited you to Experience

Beijing through it’s art style (Beijing embroidery) and through it’s sports culture

(Beijing olympic City). As part of our cinema east series we opened the “Olympic City”

exhibition and screened the documentary film “The Everlasting Flame: Beijing 2008”.

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