24 Solar Terms


The 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气 èrshísì jiéqì) is a calendar of twenty-four equal periods, created by farmers in ancient China to guide agricultural affairs and farming activities. Based on the position of the sun in the sky, the solar terms reflect changes in climate, natural phenomena and agricultural production. The 24 Solar Terms have a great impact on modern times as well, by means of cuisine, fashion, sports, medication, housing, travel and other aspects of daily life. The solar terms start with the Beginning of Spring (立春 lìchūn) period and ends with the Greater Cold (大寒 dàhán) period. In 2016, the 24 Solar Terms was listed by UNESCO as a human intangible cultural heritage.

Seasons of China (四季中国) is a TV 24-episode documentary series that examine the impact of 24 Solar Terms on contemporary China. Created by Xinhua News Agency CNC, its crew travelled for two years through twenty-four provinces and municipalities across China – from the southern city of Sanya to the northern village Muohe; from the heat of Chongqing to freezing Harbin – and documented how the solar terms heritage affect the lives of millions, and the way they are manifested in different places. With 1500 hours of high-definition shooting materials, combining elements of traditional animations and original music, Seasons of China is a unique comprehensive experience of TV documentaries.