A Journey to China Culture- Part 4


Anna Pery one of our students presents her experience in China:


I’m so happy! I went on a crazy adventure to distant China! Can’t believe it happened to me going to Fairy-tale Land and childhood stories to meet new and exciting culture and new people from 23 countries! Traveling on an organized trip (where am I and where is an organized trip?!?) I am sure I will have amazing time!

Much to my surprise, the long flight and the connection in Shanghai past smoothly and comfortably, everything was incredibly sweet. Lovely girls one by one! Feeling so comfortable with them, what a relief … even the slightly tedious connection ended up in peace with fun and mutual support, We arrived at the hotel: I got perfect room with fairytale views: huge lake, flowing river, pagoda and stunning green park – feel like in heaven! I fall asleep with the mantra in mind:

I`m so lucky! I`m so lucky! I`m so lucky!

Day 2

Chinese are a very serious people and start the day with a serious breakfast!

We visited Expo 2019. Huge place you can’t see everything in one day! We were lucky and visited the spectacular Botanical Pavilion!

Just a celebration for all the senses … a pity we didn’t have enough time to spend there… This a good reason to come back to China again!!!!

Day 3

Soft rain woke me up for a new day … a welcome gift. I got up with a mixture of anticipation and curiosity, not every day I have a visit to the Forbidden City!

Expecting the historic screen to rise and what will I see there? What will I feel

Chinese say rain is a good sign.

In the Forbidden City, we received a very warm welcome from the staff. We watched a movie that explains in detail and gives a look at the magnificent complex.

We attended a workshop for a traditional Chinese lantern assembly, was very entertaining. And the nice, soft rain added to the mystery atmosphere and it was just great!

After the forbidden city, we enjoyed from the Chinese delicious meal.

After such a amazing meal, we proceeded to the opening ceremony and presentation of works by students of cultural centers in China in different countries.

We experienced a very exciting evening! I met talented and amazing people, each in his field: language, poetry, calligraphy (I even got a fan gift with the caption and drawing of one of the talented participants).

The organization of the event was at such a high level simply unbelievable! Respect for organizers and all the Participants.

Day 4

My dream came true! One of the great wonders of the Great Wall world, full of fairy tales and stories in front of my eyes…one of her most beautiful and picturesque sections in Jinshanling Mount.
I sat on the wall imagining the masons and soldiers on the wall, a millennial touch, spectacular views all around. Really one of the most exciting moments, a breathtaking experience that increases the heartbeat!

Day 5
We went to Binhai by the high speed train, this is the quickest train I have been in my all life, wish we had such trains in Israel.

The ecological issue is very close to my heart, I was very impressed … I learned that Tianjin city was designed to be a green development and example area that emphasis on recycling and balancing urban and environmental relationships with modern human life!

The city has a feeling of calm and tranquility, quiet and aesthetic pleasantness … I would like to live there with my family.

We also visited the Tianjin Library, when it comes to the challenges Chinese do not see in the eyes! A huge library in the shape of the human eye has been inaugurated in Tianjin city! Besides the spectacular design, the active library contains more than a million books.

We went on to the Old City What could be more interesting wandering around the city at your own pace?

The beautiful streets reveal secrets with every step around every corner …

Day 6

We have reached the second part of our journey: each delegation travels elsewhere throughout China. It was pretty hard and sad to say goodbye to the new friends,
Lots of interpersonal relationships were formed and the separation was quite emotional. It turned out to be not just a trip to China …
Plus it’s a very strong social being … I got to know so many people from all over the world, hope we can keep in touch later …
And now flying to Lanzhou Gansu Province … The journey is not over yet … It will continue to be revealed.

In Lanzhou, Summer our tour-guide met us and together we took the high speed train to Zhangye.

Day 7

On the way to the Buddha Temple, we met very nice people in the park who were busy with calligraphic writing with water on the park’s floors …

I was amazed by the simple idea of enjoying the process itself… water evaporates, the caption disappears … and starts over again … this is so charming.

Tai Chi art is important part of my daily life, thanks to my luck and coming to China! As soon as I saw a group of practitioners in a straight park, I jumped at the opportunity to join in and practice with them. I was privileged to get some highlights and precision in motion. Practice Tai Chi in the local park in the most natural atmosphere – better who it can’t be.

We visited a famous statue of a lying / resting Buddha found in the monastery: a statue 35 meters long, a statue from the Song period around the 12th century, around which a particularly impressive monastery complex was built. One of the most beautiful and peaceful places where time flows slowly … without noise and the hustle and bustle of the city or modern life … a place to relax to fax your thoughts, look into the heart, quiet gathering in …

Then we went to have lunch, ate hotfoot – the most delicious meal I’ve had in China!


We continued to Danxia National Geological Park one of the most impressive parks famous for its colorful rock formations, a real wonder! It was chosen by referendum as one of the most beautiful scenic formations in China! To me rightly, this incredible beauty is simply amazing. Park is known for its unusual colors of rocks whose faces are smooth, the edges sharp and reach several hundred meters high. These rocks are the result of an investment of sandstone and minerals that occurred about 100 million years ago, tectonic activity lifted the area, winds, rainfall and the elapsed time sculpted into rocks unusual shapes such as towers, columns, crevices of varying shades, patterns and sizes. Nature is the most powerful artist.

Day 8

We returned to Lanzhou and hiked the most popular promenade in town! Every tourist must bring some nice selfie in the background of the natural and urban landscape.

We wandered around the area and just didn’t want to leave this beautiful place: we washed our hearts and eyes in this amazing landscape and how not to indulge in some delicious dose and a refreshing, refreshing glass of jasmine tea?

We sat and listened to many stories of Summer, our stunning guide and just enjoyed the fast-paced and fast-paced moment.

I added some credits to karma: I climbed all the way to the White Stupa! Curiosity and comfortable shoes are key! Beautiful scenery is worth all the effort … Soft rain dripped with the smell of fresh trees and flowers, the scent of the many incense enveloped us with a pleasant and relaxing softness … just one perfect moment in life.

Day 9

We visited the dam, part of a system of the world’s 3 largest dams! A very impressive reservoir of water … But I couldn’t help but recall the doco story that tells this great dam: 17 years of 24/7 jobs, moving over 1 million residents, flooding some 600 miles including two cities and 116 towns – a costly human and ecological price . With mixed emotions, I left this beautiful and quiet place on the way to get on the speedboats.We continued with the speed boat to the Bingling Temple Grottoes.

Day 10

Last day … the last two hours in Gansu I went wandering alone on the banks of the flowing river … merging between people and landscapes, trying to feel part of this place, soaking it in my heart into the soul … without fear or fear of being lost … if you get lost New places … lazy wandering among the park trails, spectacular blooms on all sides delighting the heart … Say goodbye to a smile from this place and take some of it with me in my heart … Thank you, Yellow River.

I went on a trip to a legendary country! How can you sum up such a trip in a few words? One amazing experience: a cultural and human encounter, I got to meet so many talented people, a particularly colorful wonderful view! Special thanks to China Cultural Center Tel-Aviv that award me with such a unique and magical journey.

Do you want to know what Tourism Administration of Gansu Province write about the Israeli students?