Lying at 18° N., this sunny coastline’s deep blue seas and bright blue skies come alive and the palm trees on the sandy shore shine bright in the sunlight. The pearl of the South China Sea, Hainan enjoys summer temperatures all year round. Local culture thrives in this tropical environment, with romance, charm, and passion in abundance. Hainan is currently welcoming an unprecedented development opportunity – the creation of a free trade pilot zone, as well as exploring the creation of a free trade harbor with Chinese characteristics. The beauty of Hainan is slowly being shown to the world, like a giant picture scroll gently unfurling.

1. Marine Tours

Enjoy a wonderful, relaxing vacation on the deep blue sea. On the 1,944 km. long coastline, there are 9 mature coastal tourism resort areas and 18 top quality bay projects. Hainan has 159 five star and five star standard hotels, including the first Atlantis Hotel on the Pacific Rim, located in the “National Coast”, Haitang Bay. Diving, deep sea fishing, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, aquatic cycling, flying fish boats, and more water sports are all available here, giving you an unforgettable time on the ocean. Take a ride on a luxury cruise ship, taste culinary delights from around the world, enjoy themed parties with swimming, music, movies, exercise, and more. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy unimaginable luxury and amazing experiences.

2. Culture & Sports Tours

Traditional Hainan minority culture meets international competition, creating an all new combination of the very best from the East and the West. Hainan has more than just beautiful scenic islands and ecology, it is also an island of fascinating culture. Traditional Li arts such as spinning, dying, weaving, and embroidery, Danzhou folk music, Hainan opera, and other types of intangible cultural heritage, Hainan’s rich cultural history, ocean culture, island culture, folk culture, “Red” Communist culture, overseas Chinese culture, as well as ecological culture, health & wellness culture, modern fashion culture join together to create a unique, rich cultural landscape. The Round Hainan Regatta and the Tour of Hainan add a layer of colorful international experience overlaying Hainan’s traditional culture.

3. Health & Wellness Tours

Stretch out in the warmth of Hainan, and celebrate the beauty of the island. Rich natural resources give visitors to Hainan a comfortable, warm, pure and healthy experience. Hot springs cover the whole island, with six hot spring tourism resort areas: Haikou Mission Hills, Qionghai Guantang, Wanning Xinglong, Baoting Seven Fairy Mountain, Sanya Nantian, Danzhou Lanyang. Hainan is becoming an important base for medical tourism and health & wellness. The Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone has already attracted tens of international level medical treatment institutions, and has become an important focus for medical tourism. 45 golf clubs and 73 golf courses give you plenty of golfing options, so bring some friends along and enjoy golfing on the slopes, next to the ocean, and in many more magical locations.

4. MICE Tourism

Moving with the pulse of the global economy, meeting with the best from around the world, enjoying the vastness of global culture. Enjoying the blessings of natural tourism resources and the Boao Forum for Asia’s brand reputation, MICE tourism has enjoyed remarkable progress. The Boao Forum for Asia, World Leisure Tourism Exposition, Miss World Competition, and other major international and national exhibitions and forums have been held in Hainan, turning Hainan into a window on China, and even more, a window on the world.

5. Countryside Tours

Wander through fields and forests of green, and visit authentic traditional fishing villages. Beautiful scenery covers the island like the stars cover the sky. Hainan is China’s first all-for-one tourism province, attracting the attention of travel enthusiasts. Currently, there are 440 villages with tourism resources, 34 province level countryside tourism destinations, and 59 “coconut” level villages. By 2020, Hainan will have 100 “coconut” level countryside tourism destinations, and 300 gold standard farmhouse restaurants, becoming a place where domestic and international tourists as well as local residents can enjoy the simple countryside lifestyle, see tropical agriculture. Hainan has become a truly important tourism destination.

6. Ecological Forest Tours

Enjoy the bounty of nature, explore the dense tropical jungle, and listen to the music of the rainforest. Hainan is home to China’s largest, most well preserved original tropical rainforest area, with diverse forest vegetation, forming a huge natural gene bank. Hainan has 10 nature reserves, 11 forest parks and linked coastal wetlands, creating a Hainan tropical rainforest tourism “brand”, and giving every nature lover a nature feast.

7. Unique Small Town Tourism

100 unique towns, each with a different industry, a different look, a different style. A different way to experience Hainan. Fascinating small towns represent Hainan’s unique natural landscapes and cultures. Currently, Hainan is creating 100 unique towns, each with a different industry, like 100 twinkling stars sparkling across the island of Hainan.

8. High-Tech Tourism

Soar through space and time to discover the mysterious secrets of science and technology. The High-Tech tourism market is rising, and is becoming an important sector of Hainan’s tourism market. Wenchang’s Space City, Sea Flower Island, Changjiang’s nuclear power plant, and other top quality tourism projects have not only begun to create a new type of worldwide tourism, but also have improved the depth and breadth of tourism options.

9. Specialized Tourism

In Hainan, there is always a choice, a way to discover the best moments of life. There are a million ways to enjoy yourself in Hainan, like the Lingshui Ocean Theme Park, the Global 100 International Cultural Tourism Resort Area, Mission Hills Wet’n’Wild water park, and even more vacation experiences. Currently, Hainan has 12 wedding bases, including the End of the Earth, Mission Hills, Dongtian Park, and Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Rainforest Park; 20 honeymoon vacation routes; has established the Wuzhishan RV Campgrounds and the Sanya Nantian Ecological Grand View Garden RV Campgrounds. There are 4 light aircraft bases. If you want to know Hainan even better, take a ride on the world’s only round-island rail. See the thousand year old primitive salt making process, devour fresh-caught seafood, soak in a volcano hot spring…. Ride the high speed rail and circle the whole island.

10. Shopping Tour

A dazzling lineup of international brands, a deluge of choices, an enjoyable shopping tour of the world! Hainan offers both duty free and tax rebate policies, which can be enjoyed at the Sanya Haitang Bay International Shopping Center, the world’s largest duty free store. In the many entertainment fashion plazas and Hainan Gift stores found all around the island, you’ll find all kinds of popular fashionable brands and Hainan specialty products. Come shop Hainan, and get the most out of your trip.

Hainan opens to the world more and more each day, and sends a warm invitation to travelers from every part of the world. The Hainan 59 Country Visa Free Policy allows you to just pick a time and a place, and come right over! Let’s go! Write your own unique Hainan travel story!