2019 March- April News


March started with the opening of our Spring Season Courses (Calligraphy, Taiji, and all levels

Chinese courses)! We wish our students fruitful and enjoyable courses!
















Just like every month, we brought you the best Chinese films and lectures, this time China ROCKS!

a documentary film about the rock and funk culture in China.

















Finally, we can tell you about a fascinating project we’ve been working on for a long time, Jew in

Tianjin Exhibition- Insiders’ View tell the story of the Jewish Community in Tianjin during the years

1930-1940. In a very emotional opening ceremony we hosted The Jewish Community of China

Association and Denny and Miriam Friedman with the family, who shared with us the story of Karl

Friedman. For those who missed the Exhibition, it will be presented until the end of May (Click here

for details)














It’s not a real celebration without a concert. Tianjin String Quarter shared with us some local 

famous music compositions!














What about some activities for kids? During the holidays we hosted martial arts Master Chen Hu

for a week of Kong Tong Workshops both for kids, youth and adults. Our workshops took place

in Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, Kiryat Gat and of course Tel Aviv. Sounds fun? Have a look:



























Now, here a question for the kids: Do you like to watch a movie? Do you like dogs? What about a

movie about this dog who dreams of becoming a rock star? We invited all the kids for a special

“Cinema East: Kids edition”, in which we learnt how to say hello and goodbye in Chinese, and

watched together the movie “Rock Dog”.
















On our April Cinema East Series, we brought you the film “Under the Hawthorn Tree” accompanied

with a lecture about the Cultural Revolution in China.