For the first time in Israel – a complete library intended for Chinese language learners and offers reading materials that have been adapted to the different levels of the learners. Among the books you can find simplified versions of the classic novels Journey to the West (西游记) and Water Margin (水浒传), short story collections of some of the best modern Chinese fiction, as well as Chinese Folk tales and much more. All books are accompanied by audio files so you can practice your listening ability as well.

* Lending books fee 30 NIS per book (loan period- two weeks).

* Lending a book required a 100 NIS deposit that will be returned to the borrower at the end of the loan period.

Reading materials are divided according to the following levels:

HSK Level 1 Books limited to 150 Chinese Characters

HSK Level 2 Books limited to 300 Chinese Characters

HSK Level 3 Books limited to 750 Chinese Characters

HSK Level 4 Books limited to 1500 Chinese Characters

HSK Level 5 Books limited to 2500 Chinese Characters

HSK Level 6 Books limited to 3000 or more Chinese Characters

Library opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:00-18:00.

for questions/requests please contact us via